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Singapore’s Capcon Raises Around $50 Million


Capcon, a Singapore-based advanced packaging solution provider, has secured around $50 million in series B2 funding. The fund will mainly be invested in manufacturing, marketing, and R&D.


Advanced packaging stands vital in sustaining Moore’s Law. Data from Yole, a market research institute, shows that the global market size of advanced packaging reached $33 Billion in 2021, taking up 45% of the global packaging market, and is projected to reach $42 Billion by 2025.


Capcon Singapore Pte. Ltd. provides a full range of advanced packaging processes, offering die bonders for wafer-level packaging, panel-level packaging, Flip chip, SIP, and Stack Die, etc. At the beginning of 2022, Capcon reached a 3-year supply agreement with ASE.


Capcon Singapore Pte. Ltd. has planned 6 series of products to support advanced processes under various scenarios, namely, A series (Andromeda), L series (Leo), R series (Reticulum), M series (Monoceros), V series (Venus) and E series (Eridani).

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Capcon is comprehensively engaged in intelligent manufacturing, semiconductors and pan-semiconductor fields. With the high-precision pick-and-place technology, the company has launched mass transfer equipment; With the testing and identifying capability, the company has expanded to AOI tester and sorter.


At present, Capcon Singapore Pte. Ltd. has served nearly 30 clients, including 7 out of top 10 semiconductor companies globally, and has received many re-purchases from several leading equipment companies such as ASE, SPIL, NEPES, and TFME. At the beginning of 2022, a long-term supply plan for the next three years has been confirmed with ASE.


Regarding revenue, Capcon expects to maintain a three-fold growth in 2023. All Capcon’s founding members have about 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. They are also equipped with profound software & hardware development experience in packaging equipment such as die bonders, wire bonders, sorters, and molding machines. At present, the company’s fund in series B3 is in progress and a wider range of services can be expected.


Company:Capcon Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Contact Person: BINGYI ZHANG
Email: zhangby@capconsemicon.com
Website: www.capconsemicon.sg
Telephone:(+65) 6681 5681

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