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Transparent Masterbatch


Plastic has become one of the four general materials in the world, and as the field of plastic products continues to expand, the quality requirements for plastic products are getting higher and higher. The pure filling of plastic products with inorganic powders is far from meeting the general trend of rapid development of plastic industry. More and more plastic manufacturers and different applications of plastic products require plastic products, i.e. good glossy appearance, good toughness, good hygiene performance, low specific gravity, low cost, etc., but also to maintain the basic transparency and glossiness. In the face of continuous innovation and upgrading of plastic products, our researchers, through years of research and repeated tests, have finally overcome this problem that has plagued the plastic industry for decades and successfully developed the first domestic plastic toughening transparent filler masterbatch. (National patent has been declared)

The refractive index of plastic toughening transparent filler masterbatch is 1.48-1.6, which is basically in line with the refractive index of PE and PP 1.43-1.63. The transparency of HDPE film is improved when adding 5-10%, but the transparency of LDPE film is basically not affected (the thickness of the film is 0.01mm-0.03m m). The masterbatch has small specific gravity, good heat sealability, strong toughness, high tensile strength, good openness and good heat insulation, heat insulation, blocking ultraviolet radiation and other effects.

Plastic toughening transparent filler masterbatch is suitable for thermoplastic polyolefin, such as:PP, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, EVA PVC, biodegradable plastic, recycled plastic and so on. In the book film, tableware, sheet, sheet, pipe, profile, extrusion, injection, calendering use, and plastic add inorganic organic filler compatibility is good.From the current plastic packaging industry, industrial and agricultural plastic products processing, due to the increase in the price of plastic raw materials, in order to reduce costs, the production of food, clothing packaging with plastic bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, agricultural film, pipe, wire drawing, sheet, etc.. All to add calcium carbonate, talc, etc., both to affect the appearance, but also affect the physical properties of the product, and more importantly, health performance. In terms of plastic food packaging, garment bags, shopping bags, add calcium carbonate, talc, both affect the transparency of the product, but also affect the longitudinal and transverse strength, heat sealing strength. Toughened transparent filler masterbatch, fill the gap, by the majority of users unanimously praised and fully affirmed. Straight can be said . "Aoqiwei""infinite mystery, strange and miraculous effect, great power"Only with innovative technology and process can we have innovative brand products to guide the new trend. Good transparency, add 5-20% light transmittance still reach more than 90%.The mechanical properties of the product are relatively stable, basically maintaining the main mechanical properties of the raw material. Good openness and hand feeling, no need to change the original equipment and process conditions. It can reduce the cost of the product by 5-10% or more (specific calculation according to the amount added).


The hardness of the masterbatch is 1, which is similar to the resin. Under the same conditions, it is the least abrasive to the processing equipment (such as screw and barrel) and is stable.
How to use:Mix the masterbatch with the plastic directly, then it can be processed and produced, generally the recommended addition amount is 5-20%, or you can choose the right proportion according to the specific requirements.
Storage conditions: Store in a clean, ventilated, dry, cool and clean place.
Package: The outer package is made of woven bag and the inner package is made of plastic bag, net weight 25kg per bag. Shelf life: One year from the date of production

Meishan Ao Chuangxin Materials Co., Ltd. was established on July 12, 2018. Its registered office is located on the first floor of the Office Building of the Management Committee of Jinxiang Chemical Industrial Park, Jinxiang Avenue, Dongpo District, Meishan City, Sichuan Province. The legal representative is Liu Tianzhong. The business scope includes production and sales of plastic filler masterbatch, plastic defoamer and plastic modification, and sales of various plastic injection agents. (For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments.) Meishan Ao Chuangxin Materials Co., Ltd. has invested in 1 company.


Dou Jiangang




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